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I have loved playing the piano since the age of five.  My interest in the brain is much more recent – perhaps the past ten years.  But these two passions come together in this blog – The Musician’s Brain.  So what makes musicians’ brains worth blogging about?

Neuroscientists have been studying musicians and the process of making music for over twenty years.  They have uncovered a lot of information that musicians could use, but since most of these scientists are not practicing musicians themselves, they don’t necessarily see the practical musical applications for these discoveries.  But some discoveries about the brain have the potential to make a real difference in how we learn music and the ease, or lack of, with which we perform.

To my knowledge, no one is blogging about neuroscience and the performing musician, but if I’ve somehow missed such a blog, I’m sure a reader will let me know.  This blog will explore some of the fascinating, inspiring, sometimes provocative discoveries in neuroscience that influence us as musicians – whether we are making music as professionals or as amateurs.

I’ll comment on new research, speculate about what that research may mean for a performer, raise questions for the reader to contemplate, and no doubt digress from time to time.  Please feel free to suggest new avenues for exploration, raise questions for me to contemplate, or relate instances in which learning about brain-performance connections has helped in your own performance, teaching, or just having fun with an instrument.    I’ll post every week and will look forward to your feedback.


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