Month: November 2013

  • Seeing sounds, hearing colors, part I

    I have often asked a student “what color does this movement (or excerpt, or chord progression) suggest to you?”  Color becomes a metaphor for sound – an additional tool for accessing the emotional content of the work, because most of us (even if unaware of it) associate colors with emotions – lighter colors for happiness, […]

  • Vision and movement

    In 2009, the Gold Medal in the 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition was won (actually shared) by a 20-yr. old Japanese pianist who is blind, Nobuyuki Tsujii.  Although there have been many blind pianists in jazz and popular music (Art Tatum, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles), this was the first time that a blind pianist […]

  • Should everyone be able to make music if we’re hardwired for it?

    I thought I had finished writing this post when a fascinating new study appeared in my Inbox, and I simply had to incorporate it.  Researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered that, for several months after birth, infants can recognize a melody that they have heard in utero.  In a study of 24 women […]