Handouts from current & recent presentations:

MTAC – Santa Clara
13 March 2024

EPTA 2024
3 March 2024

NCKP 2023
26 July 2023

ANAM 2023
4 April 2023

MTNA 2023
Pedagogy Saturday
Musicians’ Wellness
25 March 2023

 MTNA 2023
General Conference
27 March 2023

Florida State Music Teachers Association
Plenary session
28 January 2023
View on YouTube: The Musical World of Infants

Florida State Music Teachers Association
Wellness session
View on YouTube: Sleep and Exercise: the unsung practice strategies

On the way to Canadian Federation of Music Teachers, Halifax
College Music Society, Indianapolis
Sites you may want to check out:

Brainvolts – The website for the Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University.  Director Nina Kraus and her team study auditory processing in the brain.  They have found that studying music has a significant impact on speech processing and language.  The website is full of easy to understand information about their work in music and other areas.

LIVELab – LIVELab is a 106 seat performance space/research lab at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  LIVELab has technology to measure brain waves of performers during a performance, conduct motion capture studies, use response tablets for audience members, and more.  In other words, they have the capability of conducting research studies in the context of an actual performance situation.

Music and Mind Live with Renée Fleming – a 19-episode series featuring renowned soprano Renée Fleming in conversation with scientists and practitioners working at the intersection of music, neuroscience, and healthcare.

The Bulletproof Musician – a website about overcoming performance anxiety

The Memory Map for Music – an introduction to visual mapping for music

Uncommon Sense Pedagogy – tips and insights about healthy movement patterns

Neuroscience for Kids – great website by University of Washington faculty.  Aimed at kids, but good for everyone

Julie Nagel’s blog on performance anxiety –  Because Nagel is a graduate of Juilliard in piano performance as well as a practicing psychoanalyst, she has a unique perspective in helping musicians deal with performance anxiety.