Suggestions needed

I need some input and who better to ask than my readers!!  I am in the process of interviewing and writing about musicians who, after suffering a brain injury, stroke, movement disorder, Suggestions boxphysical or emotional trauma, protracted length of time when they have been unable to practice, etc. etc., have made a recovery and returned to performing – and also musicians who have had a successful career in spite of a loss of one of their senses.  Leon Fleisher is a good example of someone who had a movement disorder in his right hand (focal dystonia), but eventually made a successful return to performing with both hands; Evelyn Glennie is profoundly hearing impaired, yet has had an astonishing career as a solo percussionist. 

I am connecting the dots between certain brain processes and the recovery or success of these musicians. If you know of a musician who has experienced any of the above (or something similar), would you please send me the name(s)?    They may be well-known musicians whose names have simply escaped me, or someone you happen to know or know about. Please e-mail me via the contact link at the top of this page. And if the musician you are suggesting is someone you know personally, perhaps you would get his/her OK for me to be in touch and provide me with contact info.

Thanks so much for your help! This will eventually find its way into a book, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, auditory mirror neurons are up next.