Musician’s Brain Webinar

Something different for this blog  – a post to be listened to, not read.  On March 11,  I presented a webinar for the College Music Society titled A Musician’s Guide to the Brain: What We Need to Know and Why.  This was the second in a series of webinars hosted by the CMS Committee on Musicians’ Health.  If you click on the link embedded in the title, you can watch the archived version of the webinar.  The archived quality isn’t quite up to the excellent streaming quality of the original, but the content is all there.

And you can access a handout for the webinar by clicking on Links at the top of this page and scrolling down to CMS Webinar.

The first webinar in the Musicians’ Health Series was Athletes and the Arts.  (Scroll down to the list of webinars below mine to access.)  Another six webinars concerning musicians’ health will air during the fall of 2016, and the schedule for those can be found at:  The dates given are those when the webinar will be streamed live for CMS members.  Then a few days later, they are posted as an archived version available to the general public, and you will be able to access them with the same link as you use above for my webinar.

Enjoy listening!